Sunday, 21 March 2010

The Mysterious Case of the Invisible Craft Desk

Well there is a distinct lack of crafting going on in my house at the moment as I am waiting for a new craft desk to come. I only recently started crafting and have been making do with my dining room table and a few crafting bits stored neatly in some storage boxes, but as the addiction has got hold I now have an ever growing stash of stuff and a need for a permanent space to work on as my family do need to sit and eat –or so they tell me.

In response to my plea for a craft space my lovely hubby has cleared half the office (as can be seen in the picture) and we have ordered a desk and chair. How exciting I thought but noooo there’s a delay with the desk –I have my chair but that’s no use without my desk.

Now most of the time I try to be a sensible grown up woman (no sniggering those who know me) but this lack of desk and inability to craft has sent me right back to the toddler stage where I want to stamp my foot and have a tantrum and yell I WANT IT NOW!!! -Mrs instant gratification –who me? Lol

So while I’m learning patience I am enjoying looking at everyone else’s blogs and hoovering up ideas so that when I eventually get my desk I can try some exciting new things.

Hopefully it will be arriving some time this week and I can get organised and back to learning more about my new passion and stop whinging at my poor hubby


  1. it looks so empty! What happened to the sofa?

  2. Wonderful to have a new space to create in .... awful to have to wait for your desk or anything whatsoever. I made myself some space a while ago all I need is a staff to organise it ... as if!

  3. HA HAAAA! oooh Jude you are soooo funny! and a woman after my own heart all the same!!! hope it arrives soon!!

  4. WATCH THIS SPACE EH! hee hee how exciting!!!!

  5. Ha ha, you've no idea, lol. You need ALL of the office. Believe me. Jack xx